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Investment in our stage hire division for Summer 2019

After the tremendous success of our stage hire division over the past few years with our 6x4 truss and 7x5 inflatable structures, we've made the decision to invest in a much larger structure.

We're therefore very pleased to announce the arrival of our brand new 8x6m MR1 structure from Milos supplied by UK distributor Area4 Industries. To accompany the MR1 we've also made a significant investment in our decking stock with the arrival 3 pallets of 8x4' SpaceDecks from Lightspace with all required accessories for decking under the structure with added PA risers.

The MR1 will now become our flagship structure suitable for applications up to medium sized outdoor events. This can be enhanced with a bespoke technical production solution which is scalable depending on the size of event. We can supply sound systems to cover up to 5'000 people as well as stunning lighting rigs, temporary power and lighting systems to cover all areas.

If you would like more information about the MR1 stage system or have any other enquiries about how we can enhance or support your event then please don't hesitate to contact us via the website or on 01323 819219.

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