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Wyntercon 2018

Earlier in the year we were approached by the organisers of Wyntercon to tender to supply Power distribution and lighting for their 2018 event. Wyntercon is a Sci-fi convention housed in a 6 pole big top that takes residence for a week in Princess Park, Eastbourne. We were delighted to find that our tender was successful and started to begin planning the best way to light and power the 2700sqm structure.

Due to the size of the structure lighting was always going to be a challenge with the only suspension points being the 6 marquee king poles. We built a 30m x 15m box truss that was suspended from the king poles using 6 500kg motors.

The truss was then rigged with 30 200w LED floods which provided the bulk of floodlighting within the area. We also installed festoon hangs from the corner of the truss into the far corners of the tent.

Getting light right into the far edges of the structure was alsoa challenge so we decided on a solution to infill, running 300m of festoon around the edge supplementing with 100w LED floods in necessary areas.

Power for the event was provided by a pair of 100kVA sync'd generators and then distributed to areas around the structure. We took the opportunity to run power up to the truss thus enabling us to deploy power drops down the king poles to the stalls below and minimising cabling runs across the floor inside the tent.

The event was a success although the weather over the weekend proved challenging with high winds and very heavy rain. We look forward to working with the Wyntercon organisers and Trustees for the next event.

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