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SEL - Reviewed by Dan from Armada Events

‘In our experience, the quality of your suppliers is critical when running a festival and can make a massive difference to the experience you are able to offer your guests. It takes a significant weight off your mind as a festival organiser, knowing certain areas are covered and will be well managed so you can focus on other things. Working with Sussex Events ticks all these boxes. Their support has been a huge boost to the growth of the Kitesurfing Armada Festival on Hayling Island. Nothing is ever too much to ask, everything is planned to the tiniest detail and any on site changes are handled with minimum fuss and great efficiency – at one point they even changed a generator in the middle of the night just as a precaution – which we didn’t even know about until the next day. Clearly, the guys take it personally, and care about the service they are delivering. Which makes our job of running the festival so much easier. We fully recommend them’

Dan Charlish, Founder, Armada Events

And we are very pleased to announce that we will be returning to Hayling Island to support Dan, Julia and the team with Kitesurfing Armada 2018.

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