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SEL Illuminating St Elisabeth's Church

One of the new bars in the Hall

The start of September has been really busy for all our teams, especially our Installation Department.

We were approached by St Elisabeth's Church & Centre for the Community (Old Town, Eastbourne) and priced to overhaul and update their theatrical lighting system.

The accepted work programme including the re routing and replacement of the Electrical Infrastructure powering the stage lighting, re siting the dimmer packs and construction of a new bespoke rack cupboard on stage level, and the installation of 2 wall mounted Internally wired bars front of house.

The works were completed over two days last week.

Church Manager Mandy Mulford wrote us a fantastic review:-

"Rob and his team have just installed a complete lighting rig at St Elisabeth's Church. Not only did they go above and beyond what we expected they worked effortlessly, making sure the entire job was an unobtrusive as possible. Great guys, incredible job. We now have a fully functioning professional stage for hire! Thank you."

For more information on installation services please contact us on 01323 819219

The new dimmer cupboard during the latter stages of construction

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